Search Engine Optimization

All the websites we design, whether simple static sites or online stores, are optimized for search engines for your main / target keywords*. Within an e-commerce system like OpenCart, each product and category can also be optimized for the appropriate keywords*.

You should never pay extra for this and with Delves Wood Web Design you don't! We treat the search engine optimization of your site as importantly as the design of your website: There's no point having a great looking website if no-one can find it - where will your customers come from?

Great design, but no SEO?
Even if you have the greatest looking website ever, it's fairly useless unless your customers can find it. This is where SEO comes in. For many people the first port of call when looking for anything these days is a search engine, whether it be Google, Yahoo, Bing or Ask. Optimized sites*, make it easier for search engines to work out what keywords your website (or specifically web page) is about, and as such index / rank the page, so your customers can find the website / web page.

Optimized, but doesn't look good?
Just because you're ranked #1 on Google*, doesn't mean the war is won! If your website is not well designed or attractive, if it's not user friendly, (for online shops, may be your products are not easy to find) and takes forever to load. You'll risk losing customers. Many people pass judgement in the first few seconds of their visit to your website.

Best of both, as standard.
At Delves Wood Web Design, we believe that you should have a great looking site that ranks well in Google* (and other search engines) for your keywords. That's why when we design your website, SEO is just as important as the design itself. And, of course, we don't charge extra, for optimizing your website, when we build it for you! We will also submit your website to the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing or Ask.

* While every effort is made to get your keywords to rank well in search engines, this process does take time and cannot be guaranteed (regardless of what anyone may tell you).